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ITS offer a wide range of ‘off-the shelf’ and bespoke training materials, all designed to provide the specific support individual clients might require for their CRM training programmes.

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Individual training modules are available for each of the CRM syllabus subjects. The modules are supplied complete with all the materials and resources required for the subject selected.

These interactive CRM modules were originally designed for computer-based delivery, by an instructor, to individual flight crews as a refresher before commencing LOFT.

However, they are now also used in the classroom, for private study, and as background information for the design of CRM courseware.

The modules cover each of the main CRM elements and are supplied complete with a Facilitator Guide and a Delegate Handbook in PDF format. We also include programme Operating Instructions, and there are versions for both PC and Mac users.

The modules use very simple graphics, text and audio and they cover each element fully. There are modules available for both pilots and cabin crew.

A free sample is available in Downloads

As a specialist producer and distributor of Aviation Training Videos Aviation Teamwork has a wide range of programmes available on DVD. The programmes are divided into eight categories and to view the programmes in any of the categories just click on one of the tabs. Some videos are suitable for more than one training subject and so appear in more than one category.

Video Production

As an experienced video production company we would be pleased to discuss the production of any of your own video programmes. These may include training films, promotional videos or passenger safety videos.

Generate revenue from your own videos

If you have already produced some training videos, why not generate additional revenue by selling them to other companies. Talk to us about distributing them on your behalf.

A range of interactive exercises designed to support the CRM training syllabus. The exercises are designed to support CRM instructors in the classroom, providing a practical basis from which to discuss the various elements required within a CRM course.

The exercises have been used worldwide by a wide range of airlines with operations which include flag carriers, scheduled, charter, freight and quick-change freight/pax operations. Each exercise is focused on a specific behaviour and aims to demonstrate the importance of these behaviours for effective CRM. The exercises offer between 60 and 90 minutes of training and are designed to:

  • Stimulate discussion on selected subjects
  • Demonstrate the training issues in a clear and practical manner
  • Saves time and money otherwise required to produce courseware internally
  • Be used by airlines worldwide
Initial CRM Courseware

ITS offers a range of generic courseware for a number of different applications.

Each set of courseware is supplied complete with all necessary materials, resources and supporting background information. A typical set of courseware might include some of the following resources:

  • Course Notes
  • PowerPoint
  • Lesson Plans
  • Case Studies
  • Videos
  • Syndicate Exercises
  • Instructor Notes

The initial courseware range includes courses for:

  • Flight Deck Crew
  • Cabin Crew
  • Joint Flight Deck and Cabin Crew
  • Dispatch

Alternatively, bespoke sets of courseware can be designed and produced to meet a clients’ specific requirements.

Recurrent CRM Courseware

ITS provides a recurrent CRM course design service, which provides resources for annual training within your regulatory framework.

The service can include initial visits to the client’s base in order to establish priority areas for training.

Integrated Recurrent CRM and Safety Training

The full benefit of recurrent CRM training can be experienced through the integration of both CRM and Safety Training; and particularly so if the training includes both Flight Deck and Cabin Crew personnel.

 With Integrated CRM/Safety courses for example:

  • Training is more participative, being built around role-plays and case studies
  • A behaviourally based syllabus is developed which focuses on operational line skills.
  • Alternative options for checking recall items can be used.
  • The training is reshaped and is fully integrated into a model of line proficiency.
  • There can be significant cost savings in this approach to recurrent training.

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