Loss of control, B735 on approach to Moscow-Vnukovo

Loss of control, B735 on approach to Moscow-Vnukovo. UTair flight UT588 from Krasnodar to Moscow, Russia, reportedly suffered a loss of control incident while on approach to Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. 
Unconfirmed reports from Russian aviation sources suggest that the aircraft was on approach to runway 06 when a situation developed where the aircraft attained a pitch attitude of +45 degrees.

The aircraft rolled 33 degrees to the right, then -34.8 to the left. The pitch supposedly decreased to 30 with the speed dropping to 60 KIAS. 

The aircraft is then thought to have rolled 96 degrees to the right, pitching -14 degrees (nose down).

It then banked 45 degrees to the left with speed increasing to 150 KIAS. The flight crew then regained control and reported to ATC that they were going around because the approach was unstabilised.

The crew positioned the aircraft for another approach and proceeded for a landing at 06:35 UTC, about 18 minutes after the event. 

The aircraft was still on the ground at Vnukovo, eleven days after the event. 

Weather reported about the time of the incident (0617Z): 
UUWW 130400Z 16004MPS 2000 R24/1600U BR OVC001 08/07 Q1002 R24/290050 TEMPO 1000 -SHRA BR BKN015CB RMK QBB040 
UUWW 130500Z 17003MPS 1800 1300SE R24/1300N BR OVC001 08/08 Q1002 R24/290050 TEMPO 0400 FG RMK QBB040 
UUWW 130600Z 17003MPS 2100 R24/1600U BR OVC001 09/08 Q1002 R24/290050 TEMPO 0400 FG RMK QBB050 
UUWW 130700Z 16002MPS 120V200 4400 BR OVC001 09/09 Q1001 R06/290050 NOSIG RMK QBB050 


Unstable Approach B735 Moscow

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