Network Rail, England

Network Rail High Speed contracted ITS to design and deliver Rail Resource Management (RRM) training to their signallers, shift managers and other operational teams.

Safety and efficiency are prime concerns for Network Rail High Speed and the key objectives of this initiative were therefore error reduction and error management, along with increased efficiency.

In considering the implementation of a RRM process, Network Rail High Speed required the following elements:

  1. GAP Analysis
  2. Design bespoke initial RRM course
  3. Deliver initial RRM training

The ongoing requirement includes

  1. Design and deliver recurrent RRM training
  2. Implementation of an ‘on-the-line’ non-technical skills assessment and evaluation process

ITS completed the project in April 2013 and received the following feedback:

“It was quite a gamble using a “non-railway” training provider, but boy did it pay off. The response from the staff has been extremely positive, and listening to individuals challenging their behaviour these last few days has been music to my ears and is a testament to your good work”

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