AV15 Toilet Fire

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Product Description

Training Elements:

  • CRM
  • Communication
  • SEP
  • Fire

This programme is aimed at flight deck and cabin crew CRM training and general cabin crew fire training. 

When a toilet fire started in an Air Canada DC9 at 33,000 feet, the captain assumed that it was minor and decided to continue the flight. 

The on board fire went on to become so severe that the flight attendants had to relocate passengers away from thick black smoke at the rear of the aircraft, yet the decision to finally divert the aircraft was not made until 18 minutes after the first indication of the problem. 

The aircraft eventually landed 13 minutes after declaring a full emergency, and the crew began to evacuate the passengers. However, 60 seconds after the evacuation started, a severe flash fire erupted, claiming the lives of 23 passengers.

The programme can assist with CRM training and provides an invaluable insight into the problems faced by pilots in a potentially catastrophic situation. 

Based throughout on 3D computer graphics, this video offers valuable insight into how the breakdown in communication occurred, and how this seriously affected the outcome of the incident.