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We have a number of courses taking place in the UK. Each course is £495 + VAT.
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Many of our clients, and of course the individuals we meet around the world, tell us that very few instructors have received formal training in the specific skills required when debriefing flight crew.

For many instructors the only debrief skills they have gained are those learned by example when they themselves have been debriefed.

This course is designed to address this problem, and to give instructors the necessary knowledge and skills they require to facilitate debrief sessions, and particularly in the context of CRM. 

The emphasis in this training will be upon facilitation, debriefing, communication and feedback skills, and delegates will have opportunities to practice and refine these skills during the course.

Delegates will also discuss NOTECHS/Behavioural Markers and they will increase their awareness of their personal strengths and weaknesses as ground, line or simulator CRM Instructors.

Of course, this training is valid for all instructors, both flight crew and cabin crew, and all other individuals who are required to debrief personnel within their organisation.

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